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Hello, Beautiful!

You've made the leap forward and are ready to start your journey putting yourself first and make some life changes to reach a happier, healthier you.   

You're ready to listen to your body, your heart, and your intuition.  You want to set goals and reach them.  You want to move your body, nourish, and fall in love with it.   You want to discover internal shifts you can make to experience less stress, more patience, and more presence in your daily life.  You want to feel more energetic and passionate.  You want to...

You have serendipitously found yourself at the right place.

But it's HARD to do all of that, huh?  It's hard to make time to exercise and cook healthy meals and make time for self-care.  It's hard to put me first when I have [insert all important people in your life] to take care of too.  It's hard to love my body.  It's hard to make time.  

But here's the thing... YOU CAN DO IT.

You know how I know?  Because I did it.  I'm doing it.  I'm living my life as a woman and a mom and a wife and a this and a that.  The struggle is REAL, we all know that.  But it's time that you started to put yourself first and you don't have to do it alone.  You're ready, I know you are.

Here's how this works:

- We'll start off by having you complete a little "Self History".  This is all about you and you'll answer some questions and spend time getting honest with yourself.  This will be the starting template for me getting to know you and for you getting to re-know you (that's a lotta yous!)

- If you've chosen to do one-on-one coaching you'll have a total of 12 60-minute bi-weekly sessions over the course of 6 months either in person or via video-chat.  We will set goals and do the work to reach them.  If you've chosen group coaching we will meet bi-weekly for 90 minutes over the course of 3 months in an intimate group setting.  We will cover a specific topic each time we meet, and we will also set goals and do the work we need to do to to reach them.  This is a great opportunity to make true, deep connections with other women.

-You will receive a set of welcome goodies and handouts/ resources throughout our time together.  

-You will have full e-mail support between sessions to check-in at any time.

-You will leave with the tools to create and sustain the life YOU want.  You will learn to trust your intuition, listen to your body, and fully support yourself.


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