Let's Talk About Food, Baby

"A healthy kitchen provides the foundation for a healthy you."

Dr. Mark Hyman



There are two topics I want to cover in this post:

1. A "healthy" kitchen

2. Intuitive eating

These are two things we subconsciously tend to over-complicate.  I'm gonna start with the latter: Intuitive eating.  

Let's take things a few step back first.  Raise your hand if you listen to the cues your body is giving you. 🙋🏻 Do you rest when you're tired or do you drink another cup of coffee and charge through the day?  When your stomach is hurting do you stop to take a break and think about why, or do you pop a tums and hope for the best?  When you have a headache do you drink some water and close your eyes and turn away from the screens or do you take Advil and go about your biz?  When you feel the desire to lose weight do you diet and highly restrict your food intake and hop onto a diet that guarantees you'll lose x amount of lbs in x amount of days?

See where I'm goin with this?  We often times just try to find a quick fix to, well, everything.  But doing this distances ourselves FROM OUR SELVES.  Ya feel me?  

Intuitive eating is about ditching the diets and all of their crazy unsustainable promises.  It's about slowing down and really listening to what your body wants and needs.  It's re-evaluating your relationship with food and saying "ta-ta, see ya!" to all of the negative vibes and terms like "cheat meals" and "junk food" and "fat" (no I am NOT telling you to ditch fat but rather the negativeness attached to the word).

Eating chips or ice cream or a burger and fries shouldn't make you feel guilty, and you're only cheating yourself if you're restricting your body from foods you love.  But making a habit of eating meals with little to no nutritional value is just as unsustainable for your body as following a bunch of fad diets.  This is where a Healthy Kitchen can really help you out.

If you stock your fridge and pantry with nourishing foods then that's what your body will receive and thank you for.  If you don't have cookies and a bunch of other high sugar/processed foods in your house then you can't eat em!  

...unless it's that time of the month and you UberEats some ice cream and pizza which ya damn well should!  

But on the real, you feelin me?  Fill your fridge with fruits and veggies and hummus and real foods, then when you're at home that's what you're going to eat.  At the grocery store stop at the bulk section and grab nuts and trail mixes (salty sweet goodness!) and a handful of dark choco-covered pretzels if you please.  Or grab some blueberries, yogurt, and some kids and make a batch of frozen yogurt covered blueberries that you can snack on.  It will take time to adjust to a new way of eating but your body and mind will thank you.  Spend time with your food and your body and get to know and appreciate them both.  Eating and nourishing your body, especially with people that you love, is beautiful.    Let me repeat that...

Eating and nourishing your body, especially with people that you love, is beautiful.

Food and our bodies are not things we should be ashamed of, they are actually things we should celebrate.  Treat yo'self with fresh organic apples and strawberries and other yummy produce.  And treat yo'self to a messy burger when your body wants it.  And cook your asparagus in butter or ghee because it's one of your favorite ways to eat veggies.  Don't let dieting scare you away from food.  Listen to your body and give it what it really wants.


Trust it.  

Embrace it.  

Respect it.  

Feed it.

Love it.